Whether you have just got yourself a new husky or are still in the planning phase, the thought of raising one is exciting! However, as you bring the fluffy and vocal fella into your home, you should consider a few specific requirements and aspects, especially when it is about planning your finances.

A canine should never be a financial burden on your bank account, so we have prepared this guide to help you have a personalized estimate of how much it costs to groom a Siberian husky.

This accounts for the cost of grooming a husky, maintenance routine necessary for care, coat type, and everything you need to know about grooming a Siberian husky at home.

How much does it cost to get a husky groomed?

Everyone canine owner who decides to get a husky needs to consider not only the buying cost of the pooch but how much it will cost to maintain and groom a husky. The good news is, despite their heavy and double-coated fur, grooming a husky is not that expensive.

Pet parents may have to pay the average cost of around 40 to 50 USD per grooming session. Although the price ranges can vary from place to place, service requested, coat condition, dog behavior, and pooch size, it is likely to tot up to $400 per year.

You can expect to pay $40 for a small husky puppy and around 75$ to get an adult husky professionally groomed.

These grooming sessions include bathing, brushing, teeth, ear, eye cleaning, de-shedding, and even trimming your dog’s nails. Styling your pup’s hair may or may not be a part of the session.

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How often should a husky be professionally groomed?

Typically, huskies require 2 to 4 professional grooming sessions every year, costing around $110 to $400/ per year.

However, if you have the time and skills to do the grooming, all good quality grooming kits are available on the Internet, generally costing around 25 dollars to 290 dollars, with an average of 75 USD.

Such kits offer an affordable alternative to professional grooming and come with everything you need to take care of your beloved husky.

Other Expenses to consider

Additional Cost Average Cost Cost Range
Microchip $40 $30 to $50
Professional dog walking $20 $15 to $25
License $15 $10 to $20
Canine Boarding $40 $25 to $90

Considerations while grooming a husky at home

Coat type

Among the various reasons you need to be extra cautious while learning about your new pet, one is that grooming a husky involves paying particular attention to the type of coat this pet has.
The coat of this cold weather canine is composed of two types of fur. The topcoat is the fur part where you touch your pooch while petting it.

This coat is water-resistant, and it is designed to keep your fido dry even when it is snowing or pouring outside. Beneath that fur is the soft undercoat, which helps to keep the pet warm even during the freezing temperatures. It is also the part that can develop knotted mess and unwanted tangles if not taken care of properly.


Depending on the age of your husky when you bring him home, the pet is likely to have a soft and fuzzy undercoat. These snow puppies usually grow mature hair when they are around one year of age, and this gives you the ideal opportunity to get your pet used to being combed and brushed everywhere.

It would be best to brush your husky’s fluffy coat at least once a week to keep it healthy and tangle-free. Additional maintenance includes wiping the area around the eyes with a damp cloth and keeping the nail trimmed to an appropriate length.

Brushing and combing

Huskies need a regular brushing schedule as it helps keep their fur smooth and in the best shape. Luckily these snow globes are clean by nature, and their undercoat does not produce any excess oil.

The only time you can expect your huskies to give a foul odor is when they enter muddy or dirty water.

While brushing these canines, make sure you use a comb that can reach all the way down and remove any loose fur from the undercoat. Plus, during the shedding season, it is recommended to brush your husky at least once a day to minimize the amount of fur falling all over your house.

Do not let the fur become matted as it isn’t only uncomfortable for your companion; it also hinders the process of temperature regulation.

Also, if you live in hot weather conditions, your husky may shed all year round rather than in a specific season. Keep your family on board to help keep up with this at-home grooming or seek professional help.


Huskies require a complete grooming session a couple of times every year. These pets shed their undercoat during spring and fall, making them prone to developing matted fur. During this time, you can seek help from expensive grooming services to keep the shedding under control or opt for a DIY grooming session.

Some dog grooming places also provide you with the equipment to groom your pet yourself. All you need to do is bring your pup, basic supplies, and a bit of patience to get the job done.

Husky hair cuts

We know how tempting it is to give your Husky a haircut. But whatever you do, don’t cut that beautiful fur! Removing some fur from a double-coated canine may seem like a favor, but doing so removes the protective layer that acts as a barrier against UV rays and other extreme weather conditions.


For huskies, bathing isn’t something they need very often as they are pretty clean themselves. However, if you plan to bathe your pup, assemble all your equipment first. Brush the canine thoroughly to remove the loose fur.

Avoid pouring water into your canine’s eyes or ears and remove all the traces of shampoo that might irritate the delicate skin. Finally, towel-dry the pet and be prepared to get wet.

Final words

Huskies are lovely companions, and they provide you with years of love and loyalty in return for your care. Grooming these adorable canines at home may seem like an affordable option.

Still, professional grooming is more suited for this puppy as they can maintain the coat quality that the husky is famed for.