Do you want to take care of your dog while you’re away? Are you searching for top-notch pet services at a reasonable rate in North America?

If so, Camp Bow Wow is one of the best places for your dog. It is one of the largest dog care and pet boarding franchises, with more than 200 locations in North America.

If you are planning to hire Camp Bow Wow services for your dog in the future, you might wonder about its cost. This post covers all about Camp Bow Wow prices. So, keep reading to know more.

Camp Bow Wow Introduction

Camp Bow Wow is one of North America’s best dog daycare and boarding services. It is the first dog daycare in Colorado. With more than 200 locations, Camp Bow Wow offers various services such as dog daycare, dog boarding, in-home pet care, pet sitting, dog grooming, dog training, dog walking, and poop scooping.

A bored dog can ruin your furniture and valuable households. If you have to travel for vacations or you want to leave your dog for a whole day, you can choose Camp Bow Wow.

Your pooch can play, exercise, socialize with other dogs, and spend quality time there.

What Are Camp Bow Wow Grooming Prices?

Camp Bow Wow grooming prices range between $40 to $125. The prices can vary depending on your pet’s size, weight, breed, and other factors.

You can expect to pay between $15 to $40 for a dog’s bath. The cost of an S-paw day ranges between $35 to $70.

Full grooming package costs between $40 to $125. The price of add-on services, such as nail polish, brush-outs, sanitary trim, de-shedding brush, and anal glands, is between $8 to $25.

The table below shows the detail of Camp Bow Wow Grooming prices.

Camp Bow Wow Bath Prices

Pet Breed Size Pet Weight Price
Small 1-15lbs $15-$20
Medium/Standard 16-50lbs $20-$30
Large 51-80lbs $25-$35
Giant 80+ lbs $30-$40

Camp Bow Wow Full Groom Prices

Pet Breed Size Pet Weight Price
Small 1-15lbs $40-$60
Medium/Standard 16-50lbs $50-$65
Large 51-80lbs $60-$85
Giant 80+ lbs $80-$130

Add-on Grooming Services Prices

Service Price Range
Nail Paint $8
Ear cleaning/Plucking $10
Anal Glands $15
Sanitary Trim $10
Tooth Brush $10
De-shedding brush $15-$25

What Are Camp Bow Wow Dog Daycare Prices?

Camp Bow Wow charges between $10 to $70 for dog daycare for individual days. However, the cost may vary depending on the number of dogs and days.

Plus, they offer reasonable packages if you have more than one dog and need services for more than one day. The interview day for your dog is free.

Camp Bow Wow Daycare Individual Prices

Daycare period Number of Dogs Price
Half day or 5 hours 1 dog $16
Half day 2 dogs(same family) $30
Half day 3 dogs(same family) $40
Half day Each additional dog same family $10
Full day 1 dog $27-$30
Full day 2 dogs(same family) $48-$50
Full day 3 dogs(same family) $64-$70

Camp Bow Wow Daycare Packages

Stay Duration Number of dogs Price
4 days Intro package 1 $75
4 days Intro package 2 (same family) $135
4 days Intro package 3 (same family) $180
10 full days 1 $243
10 full days 2 (same family) $432
10 full days 3 (same family) $576
20 full days 1 $450
20 full days 2 (same family) $816
30 full days 1 $648
30 full days 2 (same family) $1152

What are Camp Bow Wow Dog Boarding Prices?

Camp Bow Wow dog boarding prices range between $45 to $90 for individual days and overnight. However, it depends on the number of dogs and overnight stay duration. The 10-night package starts from $380 to $780.

If you want to avail 10-night package for 3 dogs in the same cabin, you can expect to pay $780. Interview day for dog boarding is free.

Camp Bow Wow Dog Boarding Individual Day Prices

Stay Duration Number of Dogs Price
Day and Overnight camp 1 $45
Overnight camp 2 dogs (same family and same cabin) $75
Overnight camp 3 dogs (same family and same cabin) $90
Overnight camp Each additional dog of the same family in the same cabin $20

Dog Boarding Packages

Duration Number of dogs Price
10-night package 1 $380
Additional add-on night 1 $38
10-night package 2 dogs (same family and same cabin) $630
Additional add-on night 2 dogs (same family and same cabin) $63
10-night package 3 dogs $780
Additional add-on night 3 dogs $78

What is Camp Bow Wow In-home Pet Care Prices?

Camp Bow Wow is the fastest-growing and most trustworthy pet care service provider. The in-home pet care starts with free registration, pet medicine, and in-home consultation.

The care charges for a small animal or bird are $20, depending on the duration. The thirty-minute walk costs $20, with an additional $5 for an add-on of 15 minutes. The charges for an overnight stay(12 hours) of the care provider are $80.

What is Camp Bow Wow Dog Training Prices?

Camp Bow Wow offers basic puppy and adult training for $195. Advanced dog training charges are also $195. If you want public polishing and a canine good citizen prep, the charges are $195—in-camp training for a day and overnight costs $50.

The charges for a 2:15 minute play and training session for 5 days are $170. The same duration of play and training session for 10 days costs $300. Puppy socialization charades are $10.

If you want private dog training at the facility or home, you can expect to pay $75 for one dog and 1-hour session.

Monday to Friday, mid-day visits for dog walking cost $85. The initial visit price for poop scooping is $100.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you got a complete overview of Camp Bow Wow prices in this post. Some prices may vary depending on your location. Most pet care services provide limited assistance.

But CBB offers every service and fulfills your pet’s needs at a very reasonable price. 24/7 webcam, clean environment, dog meals, highly experienced staff, and much more is available for your pet while you are away.